Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cat Power

Artist known as Cat Power via Last.fm

I got pretty excited when I heard the bass kick-in right away in this song... and while I definitely am enjoying the original version, I'm definitely thinking this song could be remixed with a variety of unique and great results... thoughts?  Who do you think could work some wonders with this track?  While RAC typically has a bubbly sound, I feel like that  might make for an interesting take on this song.  I also like the idea of a remix by The Twelves (I sincerely apologize for the MySpace link for The Twelves, but apparently their web presence is stuck in the last decade... SERIOUSLY guys, get a real site).

I was unable to find a Youtube or Soundcloud version of the original Cat Power song "Real Life"- so enjoy the original source: NPR: First Listen.

Cat Power - "Real Life"

Monday, August 27, 2012

We Should Go To France

Don't you agree?

I hate to say it folks, but fall is in the air.  While I'm excited for blazers, cozy nights indoors, and dinner parties, the long summer days will be missed.  I plan to go out with a bang this summer season.  With North Coast Music Festival this coming weekend and a number of end of summer gatherings in the works, I plan to use up every last bit of sunshine I can before donning scarves and hats.

If only I was able to hop a quick flight over to France, that would truly be an amazing end to one of the best summers of my life!  That just means there's more fun to save for years to come...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

You Want to Eat This [No.1]

This week I had the privilege of checking out David Burke Primehouse's updated lunch menu.  I've lived close to their location for years, and popped in for the occasional steak, but their new focus is shedding light on their phenomenal Cesar salads.  I was fortunate enough to speak with Executive Chef Rick Gresh and would you believe they did the math and they sell just as many cups of coffee as they do Cesar salads each day!?!  The team of Gresh and Burke decided this is something they would run with- highlight the Cesar salad and take it to the next level, and I'm glad they did!  Not only do they make the dressing from scratch table-side, but the patron gets to pick from an assortment of toppings from the more common white anchovies and grilled chicken breast, to the more lavish smoked rocky mountain oysters and seared foie gras.  You can mix and match the proteins and add as many as you would like- I created a butter poached lobster and crab cake crouton combo that was out of this world!

Making the dressing table-side - it was delicious! 

The final product - the fresh shaved Parmesan was the perfect final touch!

While the salads were the main focus of this lunch, lets not forget the other amazing dishes that led up to this moment of Cesar-seafood delight!

First, we were sent the beef filet skewers.  Chef Gresh informed us that they actually do not season the beef at all, but simply serve it up on a giant, hot salt block that cooks the meat and imposes flavor.  The diner can then cook the skewers to their liking at the table.  Please note the sauce: the bleu cheese cream sauce is a must.  I ended up dipping my popover in the sauce once I was out of beef!

Next, we ordered the lobster bisque.  If lobster bisque is on the menu, you can pretty much guarantee I will be ordering it, and this one did not disappoint.  The bowl is served with bits of lobster and sweet green apple and upon arrival at the table our server poured the bisque into the bowl.  Don't forget to dip your giant lobster crouton in the soup!  I will note that this lobster bisque is sweeter than most, but for me it definitely worked!

All-in-all, this was a fabulous meal that left me wondering if I was going to bust out of my high-waisted skirt.  Chef Gresh and Chef Burke are really paying attention to what restaurant goers want and it shows in their delicious, and whimsical dishes.  Next up for Gresh and Burke?  They are working on putting together an all-day Sunday brunch.  Nowadays people are rolling out of bed and might want eggs at 6pm (Gresh's philosophy, not just my personal lifestyle) and they intend on providing a restaurant to accommodate those individuals.  I applaud this in advance- I can't wait to see the menu they put together!

Left to right: Terrence Chappell, Editor-at-Large of ChicagoPride.com; Chef Rick Gresh; Chef David Burke; Yours truly

Check out what my dining partner, Terrence Chappell, had to say about the meal in his column, Chappell Confidential, on ChicagoPride.com.

Until we eat again,
Headphones and Hemlines

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs TONIGHT!

Let the Lolla Festivities BEGIN!  Chicago + Music + Fashion = My Fantasy Land!  I'm super excited to be heading to the W Lakeshore Hotel tonight for the Spin Magazine Party featuring the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.  This act has been around for quite some time, and is just now coming into the light, and I couldn't be happier for them!  I love their sound, and cannot wait to see them live tonight!  What are your Lolla plans!?!